Many companies are now opting for an e-signed signature instead of the traditional paper one. The fastest way to get things signed electronically is by using digital signatures.

If you're selling something online, you need to use a digital signing solution so that both parties can sign off on critical legal documents quickly and easily.

You don't need to use paper for legal paperwork to be binding, but if you want something to be a bit more official, some extra steps will be involved. Adding an electronic signature using a dedicated eSignature app is the best option.

Why Electronic Signatures are Beneficial for Businesses?

Electronic signatures are beneficial for businesses because they help ensure documents are signed correctly.

An eSignatures service allows you to avoid extra printings, scans, and paper mailings. It also makes life easier for everyone involved.

An electronic signature is usually used in PDF documents such as contractions or order forms. However, using an electronic signature in other document formats, such as emails or data files, is also possible.

Independent of Location and Time

Electronic signatures can be made anywhere and anytime. It's beneficial when working from home because it makes signing contracts easier for both parties.

It's helpful if you want to avoid having to meet up in person for every single signature. You can send them the documents electronically instead.

Increased Contract Speed

For instance, consider how a healthcare professional could use an electronic signature system to speed up the execution of time-sensitive medical agreements that impact patients' care. An electronic signature system would allow them to avoid unnecessary delays in putting together necessary documents.

Electronic signatures can be used for various purposes, including streamlining and accelerating the contract process.

  • A digital signature is a sound until the end of time, eliminating the need for repetitive signatures.
  • Negotiations can be sped up because each step in the talks is authenticated and accessible to everyone involved, so critical issues can quickly be identified and addressed.
  • Even though the parties may be located across different countries, they can still sign agreements electronically, which means there is no delay in signing them.

Lower Transaction Cost

Significantly reducing the costs associated with human errors caused by manual signature verification.

Don't forget the obvious cost savings on paper, copying, packing, and mailing. These expenses may appear small, but they add up.

Electronic signatures save time and money across the entire spectrum of labor, materials, and cost.

Seamless Workflow

A business succeeds in its most valid form only when the sale spans different locations. The selling process isn't just restricted to one place during an expansion stage.

Different parts of the world belong to other regions because their audiences differ.

Any business needs to ensure that the sales workflow is easy and efficient.

Remote signing and electronic signature generation create a seamless workflow.

You don't need to worry about someone living in another part of the world because they can receive the document quickly through email.

There is no requirement to scan or mail documents; professionals can sign immediately.

Increase Security

Electronic signatures ensure more safety for confidential and sensitive files than traditional handwritten processes. Digital signatures offer built-in protection features that make them very difficult to forge and automatically detect any alterations made to the document. They also record far more data points than traditional handwritten methods, providing excellent protection to signers.

There are many reasons why electronic signatures are safer than physical ones. Here are some highlights.

  • Electronic record
  • Certificates of completion
  • Tamper-evident seal

Top 8 Electronic Signature Apps for 2023

Want to choose the best electronic signature app to help you create digital signatures online?

Many apps will do most of the work for you, but not all of them are created equally.

The best apps won't just allow you to write, sketch, or otherwise digitally sign a letter; they'll also ensure your digital letters are legally binding and help them to be encrypted and protected.


DocuSign is one of the most used electronic signing apps available, and for a good reason. It's easy to use and has all the features most people need in a digital signing tool. Getting started with DocuSign is pretty simple: download a free trial, and within minutes, it's asking you to create a new account, add documents, and start sending them out.

Processes. DocuSign is set up so that it's easy for you to keep track of multiple different docs at different steps in the signing/approving/reviewing/etc. In the Manage Dashboard sidebar, you'll find an inbox for any docs you've received, a sent folder for the docs you've sent, and a drafts folder for any docs you're currently working on. You can also quickly view any docs from the main menu bar.


eSignly provides its clients with electronic signature solutions for free, meeting their needs by offering them electronic signature solutions across various industry sectors, from financial to real estate legal.

ESS helps businesses cut back on paperwork and make signatures easier.

eSignly is an electronic signature service provider that allows companies to save money and comply with all legal requirements. We help our clients quickly sign documents online and share them electronically. These documents can then be reviewed and approved in a straightforward action.

This saves users from having to sign multiple documents one after another. Users pick the document they'd like signed, choose the people who'll be involved, and send it off. eSignly allows them to do so without hassle. They may also add signatures to existing documents.

eSignly has been known for its ease of usage, quickness, and trustworthiness. It supports multiple platforms, including mobile apps, browser extensions, and desktop applications.


With eversign, automate both clients' and employees' signa­tures and approvals. It's secure and easy to use on any mobile phone or tablet.

It offers an easy way to create, edit, sign, and send any document without using a third-party application.

It is similar to what you've seen in the previous tools, including templating, auditing, integration, compliance, etc. However, for security, it uses 256-bit encryption, plus they monitor its infrastructures carefully.

You can also delete documents permanently, remove them from your account, or save them elsewhere privately. You can add up to 25 members to a group or administer multiple groups at once.


It's built for business use and includes all the tools you'll ever want to get things done.

This platform is designed to save valuable resources. With reusable templates, you'll be able to create documents filled with form fields. This will make the entire process much easier. A wide variety of mobile applications take efficiency further. You can easily create, edit, and validate documents from any device, even creating complex workflow routines.

Regarding workflow, SignNow allows you to organize docs into groups and send them based on the role of the recipients. You can also set different actions after completing the signing (e.g., emailing/notifying). Many great features aid with team collaboration (e.g., file sharing, document management, version control, task tracking, etc.). For one, it's affordable, with a low cost per user compared to many other solutions.


More than 20 thousand companies use this solution to save time and money. Use PandaDoc for proposing, quoting, contracting, and collecting payments that need approvals.

With this solution, you can use it anywhere and on any device. It doesn't compromise on safety and has built its e-signature technology in compliance with UETA and ESIG. It also provides an electronic signature with each signed document.


HelloSign is an industry leader in electronic signatures, offering unique functionality, including customizability, customer service, and price flexibility.

It also offers an extensive API that lets you embed and brand signatures into any document. Additionally, it complies with all major online signature laws and includes many extensions and integrations.

It is an app owned by Dropbox that includes powerful integrations and many valuable tools, such as Google Suite and Gmail.

Electronic signatures are software programs that help you sign documents via text messages (SMS). These SMS texts can be sent immediately.

eSignature.IO is a straightforward electronic signature solution that allows users to sign documents online without downloading any additional plugins. With no monthly fees, it is perfect for small businesses that need to round off contracts with customers.

You can automate the entire sales process with apps like Salesforce and Dropbox. The company has an ISO 27001 certificate for its highest global standards for IT compliance.


Even small businesses need to create contracts and agreements and make them valid and binding. For this purpose, they can avail themselves of the services offered by online document management systems such as those provided by Signeasy. These systems allow users to store critical business information, including contracts and agreements. They provide easy access to the stored data through an interface designed specifically for business people. Users can easily find what they are searching for among thousands of files in one place. They can also edit,

There will be lots of complicated legal agreements that need signing. SignEasy makes it easy for you to sign them without human intervention.

With this tool, you can add signatures to any document, set up reminders for yourself, and see who has signed the document. It even allows you to print out the signatures to appear as actual signatures on legal papers.

You can share the document among different people and let them review the document simultaneously. You can also check who has reviewed or not reviewed the document. You can even review the document using various file types, including Word, Excel, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and others.

The Key Takeaway

Here we've listed the top 8 electronic signature apps for Android tablets. There are plenty of choices, so which one should you pick?

Well, if you just plan on using it to sign the occasional PDF document, pretty much any of the tools above will work.

You're running a real company if you must send out lots of legal papers and contracts. Therefore, you'll want to consider whether an online service would be best for your needs.