Software for sales funnels program is an electronic tool to organize your selling processes. So it is possible to close sales more quickly and expand your business faster.

In simple terms, pipelines visualize all possibilities available to you at any point during the sales process.

These tips are handy when you're trying to reach your sales goals. To be efficient, sales pipelines must be structured and reproducible.

In the last couple of years, the number of public and private institutions embracing electronic signatures has been astounding. It is predicted that the market for electronic signatures size will grow by 34.7% and will increase to $9073.1 million in 2023. The advantages of electronic signatures are attributed to the rise in this amount.

The abandonment of the traditional method of using paper and pen can result in efficiency, advancement, and cost savings, making time more efficient, becoming legally legal, and more. According to a report from the Electronic Signature and Record Association, companies can experience an increase of 83 percent. Thus one of the smartest decisions business leaders could make to ditch paper and adopt best eSignature software solutions.

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What Is a Sales Pipeline?

The sales funnel illustrates the sales procedure; it's the collection of steps a potential buyer goes through as they move from lead to client. Compared to a funnel that follows sales from the point of view of the potential customer, a sales pipeline is viewed from the viewpoint of a sales representative.

It allows sales reps to see what actions can be taken at each stage. This makes it easier to understand and simplify every complex step that a team of sales reps and sales reps will face prior to closing a deal.

Sales pipelines are different depending on business and industry; the standard stages comprise:

  • Qualifying and Prospecting: Before speaking to any potential customers, the sales rep needs to determine if the prospect is in the targeted market. Does the prospective customer possess the requirement for the funds or the power to purchase?
  • Interaction: At this stage, the sales representative can establish relationships with prospects by assessing what the prospect requires and providing solutions to meet the requirements.
  • Proposal and Quotation: At this moment, a sales representative can send a comprehensive proposal that convinces the prospective buyer. The proposal could address budget, deadlines, expectations, and other issues.
  • Closing: Once a proposal has been made, a potential customer can sign the contract and then be a customer. In some company’s sales representatives, they could maintain contact with customers, when the intention is to keep them.

How to Pick a Good Sales Pipeline Software?

Everyone believes that sales pipeline tools can be helpful.

These tools compress a massive quantity of line item data into a format easy to understand and visualize.

This is important since it cuts down the time sales teams must track deals and guide them toward the goal line.

The most effective pipeline tools allow you to design different pipeline stages to match the sales process.

Most of them also have sorting, filtering, and navigation options. This includes drag-and-drop capabilities or automatic intake for leads who are new.

But choosing the right software to manage your sales pipeline for your company is more complex than finding a product you like and hitting the buy button.

Why? Because most CRM software for sales provides some form or workflow for managing pipelines.

Most of the time (but often not! ), the pipeline you select will be part of the CRM software you decide to use for your company.

In that regard, make sure you like using the remainder of the program before making the final decision. Sales pipelines are only one of the features of a reliable CRM.

Benefits of Sales Pipeline for Businesses

Here are a few advantages of implementing a pipeline for sales for your business:

Clear Picture of the Sales Process

The sales pipelines that you have in the CRM software are usually the result of your business sales procedures. When you design your sales pipeline, you create standard guidelines for sales representatives to follow. Sales reps can manage, monitor, and track the development of each deal without having to worry about missing every deal.

Close Deals Faster

CRM software lets businesses keep their data in the cloud. Businesses can reduce the manual process by storing company data in the cloud. The increased efficiency and productivity will aid sales reps in closing deals quicker and boost the total revenue of sales for the company.

Help Track Team's Progress

To move the sales to the next stage, the necessary list of actions should be followed by sales reps. Sales pipelines provide excellent visibility and transparency for executives and the business owner. Therefore, sales managers can establish realistic sales goals and ensure that sales reps do their best to close the sales.

eSignature Software for Enhancing Sales Pipeline

When it comes time to sign the documents, there are a variety of causes, such as the misplacing of documents or the difficulty of printing, signing, and then scanning documents can cause delays in the introduction into the sales process. This can result in losses of sales as well. Thus, the application eSignatures will help you close more deals and speed up your sales process in these ways.

Ensuring Secure Communication

Confidentiality is one of the significant factors which plays an essential aspect in closing transactions. It's because maintaining the confidentiality of documents requires companies to follow specific procedures, which can cause slowing down the process. However, when you use digital signatures, any unauthorized access to records is protected since the eSignly eSignatures application only allows the signer, authentic and authorized users, to access documents. Thus, it will enable more deals to be concluded within a shorter time.

Improving Sales Productivity

In dealing with clients, sales reps have to manage a variety of processes including creating emails, filing documents, and navigating lots of information. They are forced to waste their time on unnecessary procedures. eSignly eSignatures assist them in reducing the time they spend during these processes by providing an electronic trail of documents, which helps them track the condition of their papers efficiently. Ultimately, it lets agents spend more time developing prospects, thereby ensuring that they can speed up the selling process.

Real-Time Tracking of Documents

eSignly eSignatures application allows you to keep track of the status of your documents in real-time, according to who has viewed the documents and to whom they have been delivered. It assists you in monitoring the documents throughout the sales process to make sure that the contract is progressing through the sales process. If it is stuck at any point, you can immediately respond to the issue and take steps to eliminate the bottleneck in the process.

Verification of Signatures

When working with physical documents, likely, customers will not get signatures on different places in documents. However, using the eSignly eSignatures application, it is possible to eliminate the risk of missing signatures simply by highlighting the mandatory fields in which they must put their signature. The process can be even longer; you need to return to your customers and have the papers signed.

The Key Takeaway

In a time when almost every system and process are digital, signing documents isn't a distant second on the track. Electronic signatures replace traditional pen and paper signatures. And, when you're looking for digital signatures, the eSignly application assists you by providing an electronic signatures application that, along with the proper tools and procedures, offers a variety of advantages. It allows sales representatives to gather signatures and then immediately close transactions. By replacing the traditional approach to the signing process, eSignatures have made it simpler for everyone to manage documents for business, reducing time, cost, and the environment.